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Art is one of the oldest pieces of happiness that human being identify with and that has evolved overtime,but when one decide to use art to solve some of the pressing issues it becomes phenomenal. Mr kelvin Omondi famously known as ohms law Montana is an award winning hip artist from kisauni in Mombasa who has chosen to use hip in preventing violent extremism ,crime and many other issues affecting young people in kisauni and  the coast region at large . pictured ,ohms law montana ohms law montana is passionate about creating social change through spoken word and  hip hop ,which he highly attributes to the bettering the youths of the neighborhood where he grew up ,especially changing the perception  of how people look at kisauni. every time we hear KISAUNI it always bear a negative tag ,that why i felt the need to redefine kisauni ,because just like other neighborhoods there are good people in kisauni as well.we are trying to write a different narrative ,my team and i are workin
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A winner is not called a winner for winning a contest, neither is he called a winner for winning once more but rather for maintaining the same status, this is a statement that best describes Likoni community rugby team since their's is a story of triumphing amidst tribulations, call them the giants of likoni because they have fought to defend their title like true warriors do. The likoni  community rugby started as an idea from three friends who were attending church together at ACK,ST Philips church Likoni. It was an idea that was born out of the motive of solving a minor problem where for instance children idling around during and after Sunday school, without knowing that it would bind them together into one big family. T his is what Mr Dennis Gem had to say when i asked him how it all started ? We started the team after realizing that children were roaming around during and after church so we had to come up with away to keep the children busy as they wait for their parents who


People say that human beings will always take the easiest road to survive in life but Joyce dama has defied this myth and chose to take a path less traveled by many women and men ,it was out of the waves and chains of patriarchy and traditions that she decided to break loose .When I first meet her she giggles when I call her Mekatilili Jeri ,and we all burst out in big laughter! Joyce Dama is a 30 year old women and land activist who has taken it upon herself to educate and fight for women rights challenging corridors of patriarchy in her own small ways .Having experienced some cultures and traditions in her community that were not favoring women especially in land ownership she decided to champion for the women rights in 2009,where she would constantly educate women on ;the land rights ,seeking to address the land injustice through alternative dispute resolution ADR. her motivation to be in the land and women right struggle is i didn't want other women to experience what i ex

In pursuit of a better society

Never tell a young person that its not possible ,because there is nothing that can be impossible for a young person with the will and zeal especially for that one person who has grown in an environment of negativity and impossibility but has fought so hard to redeem himself and claim his space. Mr.peter otiende is a 29 year old youth who is passionate about changing the narrative that is normally propagated about the youth in this country and a true example of starting small and finishing big. He is currently the head of ZINDUA YOUTH ASSOCIATION an organization that him and his friend established in 2009 in embakasi, kayole.They deal with governance,Leadership and SDG mainstreaming which is a new phenomenal that has pulled quite a number of challenges . One of the biggest challenges in SDG mainstreaming is how the community can relate the domestication of the SDG to policies plus the youth dynamics. Leadership is about finding a problem and offering a solution or an al

Re -writing the narrative of a single story

Desmond tutu says that as a young person it's dangerous not to know your history,but what if your history is distorted? Or one sided or even subjective ? People living in informal settlements or in areas considered to be less privileged have always fallen victims of a single story .for instance every time you hear of kisauni in mombasa you think of wakali kwanza but one might wonder whether there are no good stories that people can write about kisauni. How would people get to know of the beautiful things happening in this areas if all that is written is about robbery ,mugging and all other bad vices . In Shauri Yako,mombasa there kids with amazing talents but nobody talks about them.Recently ,a group of youths came together to put up a talent show in a bid to explore and nurture the talents of this young people. The talent show was dubbed "talent mtaani/Boresha base and the main intention was to change the narrative of how people view Shauri Yako . It was evident that they


when a river is flooding not even a stone can make it head in a different direction,this is what can best describe Miss mary maina.She is a lady full of determination and committed to the youth agenda in mombasa county .Hers is a story of inspiration and mentor ship to young people who look up to her . Mary maina is an astute believer of youth leadership and inclusion in the development of the country and especially matters affecting them.this is what she believes: Youth should be at the fore front driving their agenda because they understand their problems best ,they should therefore participate in the decision making process and influence change in various spaces and spheres of development She is the current speaker of Mombasa youth assembly and she holds a bachelors degree in development studies and social works.she is is also a mentor and a key player in the community service discourse.Mary has worked as a peace builder and social auditor for quite a while and has made

The quest for transformational leadership!

Servant leadership is one of the most important qualities in gorvenance yet the most rare to find however some leaders find it worth embracing. Hon.Mohammed Ibrahim yusuf (MCA Guticha ward in mandera county) anchor's his leadership on service to the electorates,He is a firm believer of transformational leadership especially allowing young people to be part of the decision making process. The Guticha ward MCA is 28years old and holds a bachelor's of education arts from university of Nairobi and is currently mastering in public administration and management at the Mt.kenya university.H e was able to clinched the Guticha ward Member of county assembly seat during the last election in an area that was hotly contested. Just like any other young people in Kenya ,the youth in Mandela are gruppled with many challenges including the gap in the youth voice ,where youths can not speak up for themselves or advocate for their rights and marginalization among other problems,this